Tecmach is the brand of gelato machines, from Qingdao EasyBest Refrigeration Equipment Co.,Ltd. is mainly a team of skilled and dynamic people, funded by Easy Best International Holdings Ltd in China 2005, a wholly Italian owned subsidiary, a leading manufacture in refrigeration equipment industry both in domestic and international markets .

Integrated Italian innovative technology with original import compressors from Europe, Tecmach provide full range of high-quality gelato machines and soft gelato machines, selling into Europe and Asia. Focusing on medium to hing-end customers, Tecmachdevote theirselves to the customers with professional solutions and after-sales service.

With the horizontal batch freezers call Master is the new latest products introduced in Tecmach’s range, is a professional advanced and uể-friendly machines with appealing looking, allowing gelato chefs reach their target. Free standing machines for medium-large specific needs for gelato chefs. They are designed for those who desire to open a professional gelato shop.

Removable and flexible agitator blades touch the horizontal cylinder of the batch freezer to obtain a perfect mix during the working process. The Masters feature different capacities in order to satify all requirements off all customers in the world.

On May 14, 1964, the foundation for the brand name and logo for today’s ISI Group was laid with the listing of the ISI Metallwarenfabrik GesmbH. 
Since then, innovative strength and research have been the factors for success behind our international market leadership in pressurized gas systems. Today, the ISI Group is present worldwide with production and sales facilities, selling products to more than 80 countries. We provide customized solutions for all applications in which compact energy is required in the form of pressurized gas chargers.
Follow uncharted paths and open up new possibilities.
We want to inspire new trends. To re-interpret the taste of food; unusual and strong. To discover what´s inside dishes. To create new paths and uncover new culinary possibilities.
At ISI we are always on the search for new ideas to unite diversity, reliability and creativity. That´s how we think. For 50 years. ISI connects functionality, design and innovation in all our products. We want to enrich gastronomy. At home and at professional kitchens. Once curiosity has been inspired, creativity starts to work. We all need inspiration.
ISI Inspiring food. 
ISI began as Karl Fischer-Pochtler GmbH. In the early 19th century, it was already producing the first soda machines under the company name Carl Pochtler AG. The CO2 chargers used for making soda water and the N2O chargers for creating cream, soups, sauces, and foams make up the core product of the company's Culinary divISIon.
The company is still family-run: Christian C. Pochtler is a direct descendant of the Fischer-Pochtler family. He has successfully led the company into the 21st century with an innovative business strategy.
1867 - 1881
How It All Began
Carl Pochtler, born in 1840, is officially recorded as being a turner and producer of surgical syringes and mechanical instruments in 1867. At this time he also begins producing siphons.
The "Chirurgische Spritzen-Sodawasser-Apparate und Syphon–Fabrik Carl Pochtler" [Surgical Syringes and Soda Water Machines and Siphon Factory Carl Pochtler] produces an extensive range of products. The company receives numerous awards at trade shows and world exhibitions.
In 1878, Carl Pochtler applies for his first patent (Pfropfenhahn).
In 1881, the company relocates to Kaiserstraße 87, in Vienna's 7th municipal district. The company's headquarters remain at this central location until 1975.
1887 - 1922
First Phase of Big Changes . After Carl Pochtler's death in 1887, his daughter, Rosa Fischer-Pochtler, is registered as the owner of the company.
In 1906, Carl Fischer, husband of Rosa Fischer-Pochtler, takes over management of the company.
Carl Fischer-Pochtler's son, Alfred, becomes the managing director in 1916. The company has over 80 employees by this time.
The company changes its legal status to a limited company and is renamed Sodawassermaschinen-, Siphons- & Metallwarenfabrik Carl Pochtler A.G.
1923 – 1930
Various subsidiaries are founded in Czechoslovakia, Romania, and Yugoslavia.
1940 – 1954
Wartime Turmoil and Post-war Era. The company is forced to dissolve in 1940 due to the war, but in 1951 opens its doors once again to resume the production of siphons and CO2 chargers for household use. Following the death of Alfred Fischer-Pochtler in 1954, his daughter, Marietta Fischer-Pochtler, takes over his shares and the company management together with her husband Hannes.
1959 - present
Entering International Export Markets and Experiencing Growth
In 1959, Heimsyphon Karl Hinz und Co. Ges.m.b.H. is founded.
In 1964, the company Karl Fischer-Pochtler Ges.m.b.H acquires 100% of the shares in the company Heimsyphon Karl Hinz und Co. Ges.m.b.H. and renames it ISI Metallwarenfabrik Ges.m.b.H. This lays the cornerstone for the ISI Group's current brand name and logo.
In 1966, the first ISI disposable chargers for preparing soda water and whipped cream are launched onto the Austrian market. The export of products to various countries, European and non-European alike, then begins.
In 1975, production and administration are relocated to a newly erected factory at Kürschnergasse 4 in Vienna's 21st municipal district. This site is expanded over the next few decades and remains the current headquarters for the entire ISI Group.
In 1978, Christian C. Pochtler (fifth generation descendant of Carl Pochtler) establishes ISI Siphon of America Inc. (now ISI North America Inc.)
In 1984, he takes over all of the company's shares and management and establishes Fischer-Pochtler Holding Ges.m.b.H. (now Pochtler Industrieholding AG). He also takes over ISI GmbH.
1990 - 2000
Ferran Adrià's espuma cooking technique revolutionizes the use of ISI Whippers. 
In 1990, the company Heimsyphon (formerly Heimsyphon Karl Hinz, a subsidiary of BOC) is acquired. The industrial cylinder sector is expanded to form the second pillar of the company.
In 1994, the world's largest high-tech filling center for chargers for ISI's Culinary divISIon is commissioned and a factory for cylinders for the Components sector is built at the Kürschnergasse site.
In 1995, ISI Airbag GmbH, cornerstone of the third business sector, ISI Automotive, is founded. In 2000, ISI Airbag GmbH relocates to the new site on Scheydgasse in Vienna, the current headquarters of ISI Automotive Austria GmbH and ISI Automotive Holding GmbH.
2009 - 2012
ISI Automotive Takes Over the Airbag Business
During the automotive crISIs, ISI Automotive takes over Delphi's European airbag business. ISI Automotive Berlin GmbH becomes the design and development center for the Automotive Group.
ISI Automotive Hungary Kft. expands into the textiles and later modular market.
ISI Automotive (Thailand) Ltd. takes on bag production.
ISI strengthens its three divISIons, Culinary, Components, and Automotive, through innovation and specialization, as well as through internationalization via its own subsidiaries.

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Vuakem, one of the best channels for selling ice cream powders, ice cream machines, coffee machines, bakery equipments, focusing on importing ice cream powders, ice cream machines, ice cream tools, coffee machines, ice machines, kitchen equipments from Italy, USA, Germany ..

This is a story of great commitment and passion, the story of founders and staff  who have dedicated their lives to search order to bring the valuable products to the customers. 

Vuakem is the address for ice cream powders, ice cream flavors, fruit pastes, topping, pure, sirup to make the best mixes of ice cream, ice blend, coffee, bakery and promote of the beverage solution and food.



Vuakem is one of the best channels for selling ice cream powders, ice cream machines, ice cream flavors and pastes, slush machines, dispenser machines, coffee machines for all ice cream shops, coffee shops, ice blends shop, tea shops in Vietnam. Vuakem called King of Ice Cream (ice cream powder and machine).
It's the address that every one can find out ice cream powders, ice cream machines, ice cream tools, coffee machines, ice machines, kitchen equipments made in Italy, USA, Germany, Taiwan, China ... etc. 

Developed since 2010 with many small websites in order to introducing all products to all customers in the Vietnam and the world.
Firstly, we have sold for bigger companies they came from Singapore. After that, we started to be dealers and our main importers. Now we are the leading one-stop solution provider in commercial ice cream machines and ice cream powders supplying service for shops, restaurants, hotels, resorts in Vietnam.
Now we have many channels for selling the products as www.vuakem.com, www.lacatta.com, www.gutato.com …in Vietnam's market with 2 companies such as PAFO Co, Ltd, and Watercon, Co.,Ltd.
At PAFO Co, Ltd, and Watercon, Co.,Ltd, with a creative, skilled and experienced team devoted to their profession, our prime objective is to satisfactorily meet every single requirement of our esteem customers with cooperative and professional services.
We always learn from our past experiences with an aim to deliver to our customers new dimensions of concepts, solutions and services in an innovative, effective and practical manner.
Trust, once broken, may not be recoverable. We treat Trust as our most valuable asset that each of us has to nurture and preserve above all else. Watercon or PhuAnFood are the leading food service & laundry solutions provider in Vietnam, whose expertise and experience have been proven by 5-star projects from Sungroup, FLC, Vingroup, Redsun, JW Marriot, Vinpearl & BanaHills, Novotel, Amanoi, Sixsenses etc...
Founded by a professional team with over ten years of experience in training ice cream soft, gelato, ice blend, smoothie solutions, we are fully capable of delivering innovative customer-focused concepts and services from consultation & design, customized fabrication, site coordination, installation, commissioning & testing to customer care services that enhance performance and customer satisfaction.
We always focus on selling for hotels, international fast food and restaurant chains to cafeterias, deli shops, food courts, ice cream parlors, convenience stores, bakeries and bakery production centers. With such diverse and established experience, we know the industry inside out, to give you the best products and professional service, always.
We aim to give you the simple solutions to complex problems. That is why we have a pool of experienced creative design consultants who visit customer’s sites, analyze, discuss and advise on ways to optimize available space in your kitchen, plan or outlet. No matter what your budget is, we will work with you to give you the best valued for money. 

Simple Is Quality ! It's our slogan ! We - Vuakem introduce all importing ice cream powders, machines, tools related about ice cream equipments, cofffee machines, ice machines, bakery equipments and instruments for ice cream shops, bars and restaurants, 5 star hotels. We disire to be the representative for the branding development, designing website, SEO products and branding co-operation within the Vietnam and over the world.

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Buy ice cream poddwers, ice cream machines online with a fast, favorable way ! 

Soft or gelato ice cream powders and flavors; soft or gelato machines; hand mixers for ice cream shops, are our main products that we represent and distribute, sell for ice cream shops, ice cream makers. They are imported from Italy, USA, USA, Germany, France, Turkey, China, Taiwan... Vuakem is a interesting address, easy to find and buy! Sure! You can buy at home, at office and shops when you research in Google with related products to buy. Best products will be found out to buy in Vuakem.com! You will see our products with fast and easy way, in online! Access the website, read the information, see the products to buy, and then you can call, send email, click item Order inside the website for comfirm or advice free again. All your orders will be resolved quickly, you will pay before you can receive the goods! Our success depends on the trust of business, ready to serve you a week now! 

Our development principle with “Simple Is Quality” ! 

In order to supply best products in ice cream, bakery, beverages, and then we have built a selling channel for ice cream shops, coffee shops, bakery shops. Here they can buy best ice cream powders, favorite ice cream flavors,  ice cream machines, tools for ice cream shops, created and developed since 2010 in Vietnam. With many surrounded websites run on all the PC, Mobile, Tabs… makes visitors enjoy each day, easy to find out the products when you need to buy,  the exact maps to guide to purchasing address. Project of Vuakem.com has been developed by Thuy Chau International Company (Watercon Co., Ltd).

Vuakem.com: Destination of delicious ice cream ! 

‘Make delicious ice cream both of soft and gelato’, you will find out Vuakem.com, we will introduce detail each product with the exact origins, product videos for guiding in making ice cream, help you to soft ice cream podders, gelato ice cream powders, favorite flavors, even frozen yogurt, fat additives, stabilizered cream easily. Look for new products, read the information on brands that make ice cream powders, ice cream machines are so famous in the world like Rubicone, Fama, Cofrimell, Innova, Tecmach, Taycool, Vitamix, ISI and other brands. Vuakem.com is the address to introduce and distribute all products about ice cream powders, ice cream flavors, ice cream machines, raw beverages that all customers can find out, search, rate, comment on products of gelato ice cream, soft ice cream, ice blend. Vuakem.com always focus on advance products made in Italy, USA, Australia, Germany, China, Taiwan …for high market, long term investors, high class luxurious customers. Vuakem.com always lead in the ice cream supliers, prioritize the quality of the goods and after sales services. 

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You can choose all products in suggested items, check more in home page, the the detail pages in a easy way wherever you are, look at the top of website with Google translation to see more languages that you need to read like English, French …that Vuakem.com support. You should pay before we deliver for you, we will guarantee free delivery. If you buy more, you will get more discount. If you are our regular and friendly customers or joined to study at Vuakem.com, you will get more our good policy.. Sure we will get a return if the customers are not satisfied of the goods.. 

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